The Beginning.

I’ve always been quite a creative person, going from hobby to hobby seeing what sticks. I’ve tried cake making, candle making, pottery, knitting and crochet. I still do crochet but not as regular as I use to. When I got pregnant with my son I came across a video on YouTube about making soap, I found it so interesting that I spent the entire day watching as many videos as I could find.

I wasn’t sure if I could start making soap whilst being pregnant, so I put it on the back burner for awhile and focused all my time and energy on the rest of my pregnancy and then my little newborn.

I suffered with postnatal depression after Austin was born and between that, moving house and having my beloved fur-baby Pusk pass away on my birthday it was safe to say I wasn’t in the best frame of mind. I missed my boy Pusk so much that when I decided to set up my business, I knew I was going to name it after him. He was such a huge part of my life and his passing left me heartbroken.

A few months after Pusk’s passing I knew I needed to at least try and move on, to do something productive with my days again. My husband was afraid that I’d slip back into depression again so I decided to finally take up soap-making. It hasn’t been easy, trying to plan when I can make things around when Austin is napping and trying to be quiet whilst doing so is pretty impossible! He’s can be such a light sleeper, I’ve had to stop half way through quite a few times. I got there though, I’ve made a lot of things that I’m very proud of now, and even sold some of them!! I have had a few not so good batches too, they were safe to use, but just looked so ugly! Still not sure what to do with them yet, but as they say ‘practice makes perfect’.

I still have a long way to go, there’s so much to learn with soap-making, different techniques and ingredients to try out. I have also tried my hand at bath bombs and salts and I love how they have turned out. I’m hoping to start doing craft fairs and markets soon once the weather brightens up a bit (the curse of living in the welsh valleys) but i’m very excited about it. I’d love to have a stall at the Christmas market in Cardiff at the end of the year!

Fingers crossed. xx





My first ever soap.

Rose and Calendula

This was the first soap I ever made. It’s Rose scented with Calendula petals throughout. It didn’t really turn out exactly how I wanted, but I’m still very proud of it.

I used a beginner recipe from soap queen’s website. I thought I was going to mess up and burn myself somehow. I had my safety gear on but I was still panicky. Sodium hydroxide is extremely dangerous if not handled correctly, which is why you should ALWAYS wear protective clothing when making soap. if any of you have seen ‘Fight club’ you’ll know what I mean. You do not want to get that on your skin or in your eyes. Really nasty stuff.

It turned out fine though, I think the fragrance could have been a bit stronger and I should have used more colourant but other wise I’m pleased, it cleans my skin so I’m happy!

Here is the recipe I used:

It’s a nice simple recipe designed for beginners, not too many ingredients that are fairly easy to come across, if you’ve ever thought about giving soap-making a go, then I’d recommend this recipe as a starting point. Soap queen’s website is a gold mine for anyone thinking of making their own bath and home products!

I’ve since moved on to a different recipe which I love, but it’s nice to look back at the original now and then. I’m sure I’ll be experimenting with other ingredients again soon though! Just as soon as I get back from our family holiday to Dubai!! So excited.


Until next time, have a bubbly day! xx